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We build web applications. Well.

Web Applications

Rails, we've loved it since it was a wee babe of v0.8 versions old! Server-side Javascript since it was called Livewire. And the web since it replaced Archie and Veronica.

Data and Marketing Analytics

We like data. And we're not afraid of marketing. Or math. Let us help with the collection, analysis, and visualization of your data.

Mentoring and Best Practices

We've built a lot of software for a lot of people. Let us help you and your team keep up with the best practices of testing, deployment, and the craft of software development.


Here's a few of our favorite projects



Application Development

the Foodstand iOS app


Application Development


Application Development


"We started out with nothing, then got a little more" - Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton

  • 2000-2004

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Starting with a tiny staff, some seed money from a wealthy and mysterious benefactor, and the best intentions, Transitionpoint was born during the startup explosion of 2000. Based in beautiful and historic downtown Charlottesvile, Virginia, we solved problems for large game companies, small local businesses, famous universities, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We used ColdFusion and Java, usually hosted on our own Cobalt servers.

  • Fall 2004

    Going Solo

    A move across the mountain to Harrisonburg, Virginia, and new opportunities and challenges pushed our fledgling company out of the nest and on a solo journey for John Paul.

  • Spring 2007

    Building an Office

    After spending time moving between home and coffee shops, it was time to get a real office. Transitionpoint becomes a partner in Thurston Enterprises and builds out over 3000 square feet of downtown office space overlooking our courthouse square. Located above a building housing a coffee shop, a beer and wine store, and brewpub, we couldn't be happier about our new digs!

  • Summer 2008

    Focus on Ruby and Rails

    After years of building web applications with ColdFusion, we fell in love with Rails, eloped, and have been happy ever since. After a chance dinner date with DHH and Dave Thomas at OSCON the night before the release of the first edition of the AWDR book we tried it out and things have never been the same.

  • Fall 2012

    Hello, New York City

    A startup project led to an extended residency in New York where we became and continue to be part of the NYC tech scene. As our Amtrak miles and frequent stay points rack up, we've helped numerous startups with the initial products, sites, and scaling.

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Our Amazing Team

We're small. Well, there's really just one of us.

John Paul Ashenfelter

Founder, CTO

We work really well with others and have good relationships with a wide range of top-quality developers in the US, Latin America, and Europe.

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We love to hear from potential partners at hello@transitionpoint.com